We founded  Cajun Walker ranch about 10 years ago and have been expanding ever since.  Judy is in the law business and Jimmy owns his own dental lab, located on the ranch. Jimmy was in the Air Force and traveled and lived in all parts of the world for 23 years finally retiring to his home State of Louisiana.  As a child, Jimmy's love of horses began like, most boys from the baby boomer generation, watching Roy Rogers on television and vowing to someday own Trigger. Well that dream (well he looks like Trigger) and the dream of many other beautiful horses has come true. Jimmy and Judy often ride simply for pleasure and occasionally participate in local trail rides. Judy is the Mama horse for sure, she loves her horses. We don't actually call ourselves breeders  but when we do breed,  they all come from Champion lines.

                    In Memoriam  
Our Beloved Prides Magic Beau, grandson of
Marshal Dillon went to Champion Heaven in April of 2009. After so many tears we drove to Missouri to purchase his cousin Legend Mr. Freckles.       
Jimmy's Trigger